Catch and kill flies in spider webs of your own design before your virtual pet spider starves!

Flies appear at random. Trap flies and eat them to replenish your web-fluid and reduce your spider's hunger before the flies escape! - Once your spider has sapped 30% of a fly's strength it will no longer be able to fly away or cause damage to spider-web.

Once your virtual pet spider is fat and content and you are satisfied with your progress, save your game and return later to feed your spider who will be hungry!

Language translation: Arabic | Chinese | French | German | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish

Spider Game Controls

• Z Weave spider web - hold key while moving.

• X Left web swing. • C - Right web swing.

• ARROW KEYS Jump, crawl, cling and adjust spider web silk length while swinging.

• SPACE Attack/feed on flies when close.

• MOUSE Click on individual spider web strands to recycle them. Hover mouse over insects/web strands to reveal their remaining strength.

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Music by Lab Beat Records

• UPDATE The database connection is fixed! Save your progress, if you go as far as calling it that, and come back later to spend it!





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